New Hampshire deserves the freedom to choose clean energy.

But right now, outdated policies backed by legacy utilities are keeping the clean energy economy New Hampshire wants from taking off.

Our mission

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to choose clean, affordable energy, that taxpayers should not be subsidizing the energy sources of the past, and that companies that contribute to carbon pollution should take responsibility for its impacts.

We're working with business leaders who want common-sense solutions that will cut the red tape and let New Hampshire's clean energy economy take off.


Clean energy is working for New Hampshire:

  • Our economy is one of the most weather-sensitive in the nation, and a resilient, renewable energy infrastructure will protect against its worst effects
  •  A clean energy economy creates jobs right here in New Hampshire
  •  Renewable energy leads to predictable prices & lower costs
  •  Clean energy helps protect the health of our families
  •  Clean energy means energy-independence: it's made in America.

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